Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Errata Page

It appears that the errata page for "Beginning Django E-commerce" has been wiped out for the book on Apress' web site. A few readers just emailed me to let me know. Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, I don't have a full backup of the contents of the page, but I remember some of the larger flubs, so I'll list them and post in the next week.

For those of you who have this blog in an RSS reader, here's a quick and simple CSS tip so it's not all bad news. I recently learned about a CSS property called text-overflow, which you can set to a value of ellipsis. When used in conjunction with a couple of other CSS properties, any text which is too long is truncated and "..." is appended to the end.

Example with an H1 element:

Really long long first-level header element that has a lot of text

Now, here's one that is styled with "text-overflow:hidden;":

Really long long first-level header element that has a lot of text

Here is the list of styles being applied to the latter that make this possible:

  • text-overflow: ellipsis;

  • white-space: nowrap;

  • overflow:hidden;

Seems very underutilized on the web, as I often see text wrapping on a page where the designer clearly never expected there to be a lot of text. And definitely useful if you're doing HTML5 for a mobile browser, where available space is even more constrained.


  1. In addition to errata, appears to be down.

    btw, great intro to django ecommerce. Am picking up some new things about Django along the way

  2. Thanks very much for the heads-up, Zach! I appreciate it, and am working to get the site back up now.

    Thanks for reading as well. Always grateful for any and all feedback.